Dystopian Wars 2.0 – First Thoughts

So firstly an apology, it has been faaaar to long since my last post, hopefully I can start turning these out a bit more frequently in the coming weeks.

So, I have managed to get a few games of Dystopian Wars 2.0 under my belt now and I have to say I am loving the changes, there are many reviews out there for the new edition so I’m not going to go into a full breakdown here but I am going to mention a select few high and low lights.

High Points

  • Accelerated speed of play – the changes they have made to things like linking and (mostly) removing the split fire mechanic have made a surprising amount of difference to the speed that the game runs.
  • Set-up Rules – in version 1.0 and 1.1 the set-up rules were very basic and were pretty open to activation sync spam, now with the addition of the advanced, flank and reserve deployment “zones” along side the rule for deploying things in size order (biggest stuff first) has made deployment choices have a real strategic impact on the game.
  • Allies Rules – the inclusion of some actual rules for building an allied fleet is a god send for those of us who have a slight resin addiction! It also explodes the amount of choices you have in respect to building a fleet and as we all know more choice is never a bad thing 

Low Points

  • Rule Book Organisation – ok, so the last version of the rulebook was not laid out very well and was a bit of a slog for someone new to the hobby to get to grips with the game. On first glance the new book is much better and is laid out in a very logical fasion…..at first glance. As time has gone on we have been increasingly frustrated when trying to find clarifications for various rules and situational issues, the index seems to have gone overboard with referencing every time a particular subject is mentioned in the book resulting in occasional nightmares when trying to track things down. As time has gone on I am finding my Rulebook-Fu is getting stronger but this is still a frustrating element that only serves to negate the time savings they have introduced in the mechanics as soon as you need to clarify something.
  • Stat Changes – The Commodore Edition of the rulebook was released with a bunch of stats for models in the 7 core nations. Whilst this was great at the time and allowed us to dive straight in Spartan have since released 3 revisions to the stats making a third of the rulebook obsolete.

I was due to play in my first DW tournament a few weeks ago but unfortunately I had to pull out at the last minute due to family issues….still the deadline of the tournament did at least make me pull my finger out and get a chunk of my newer EoBS models painted and whilst I have got a significant amount left to paint for that nation I’m now looking to make a start on some of the Prussian models I picked up recently as I’m itching to get a game in with those and to run them alongside my EoBS and the chance to get a different paint scheme on some models will be a really nice change of pace.

That’s it for now, I’d love to hear any of your thoughts on the new edition in the comments.


A Couple of Days Ago, in a Galaxy Just off the M18

So it’s been a couple of quiet weeks on the Dystopian Wars front…I was hoping to have gotten a game in to shake the cobwebs off of my Blazing Sun figures and to try out the new V2 rules but alas sit has not come to pass….curses, foiled by real life once again! Seems like its time to natter on about another little obsession of mine…..


I do love me some X-Wing. It’s a game that’s very easy to get into, with fully painted ships meaning you can start beating down the rebel scum as soon as you crack open the starter set. This Sunday just gone I took part in the Imdar Alpha pre-release tournament and managed to walk away with one of these bad boys:


Coming 4th out of 14 was a cracking result for me and I’m looking forwards to getting my next game in 🙂

So looks like next week I’ll finally manage to get a game of Dystopian Wars in as we should be having a game of Prussians and Blazing Sun Vs FSA and Britanians….should be bloody!

Dystopian Wars V2.0

So I’ve spent the last week trying to get the Dystopian Wars V2 rules read and digested. So far I have to say I am very impressed at the changes that have been made, this looks like it will be a much smoother experience than the previous 2 editions of the rules (V1 and V1.1) and will allow for quicker game play.

This week Spartan released a series of PDF’s on the downloads section of their main site covering most of the models that have been released to date for the 7 core factions which has allowed me to arrange a game with my friend Mark. We are going to start with 750 point Naval Core game until we have the rules a bit more set in our minds but as we are both a bit keen on the Land theatre we will be looking to get a game of that flavour in ASAP. I’m hoping to make enough notes and take a few pictures to sling a After Action Report up on here some time next week.

In preparation for the game I have knocked together a 2 page quick reference sheet….erm….sheets to assist with play. It’s pretty much just a verbatim copy of the tables at the back of the V2 rule book but as these do seem to be very well thought out I figured there was little point in making drastic changes at this stage. If you want to take a look you can find it here


Shadow Hunter Unboxing

I picked up the new Shadow Hunter box set yesterday and I’ve got to admit I was very impressed with the sheer amount of stuff they’ve crammed in her….seems like with every new release Spartan go from strength to strength and this set highlights just how far they have come! So, onto some pictures 🙂




The box it comes in is fairly large and yet the weight of it still took me by surprise, very nice looking cover are on this thing as well.



Hard to see how they could have squeezed anything else in here really


The Admirals Edition “mini” rulebook….this thing is the same size as the DW 1.1 rule book and the only things that are missing from it (compared to the Comodore Edition) are the stats for the models in the new starter sets that will be coming in a few weeks and the setting background…..neither of which are really essential to be in the rule book as all of the fluff and stats for the various nations are on their website (well, the stats will be shortly), additionally all of the stats for the models in this box set are included in the  mini campaign guide.


No expense has been spared here, for something that most people would consider a freebie included in their box of figures this is really outstanding.


Mini campaign guide, features a brief run down of the campaign background, a few scenarios, and stats for the models in the box. Again, really impressed with the production quality here.


2 x TAC decks and assorted dice.


Island cutouts, very handy if you are lacking terrain or simply don’t want to cart a lot around to a game.


Template and token sheets – nothing really new on the template sheets but the tokens seem to have shrunk a bit…..this is a very nice touch as in some larger games the old tokens on the table could end up taking up a large amount of the play area so them being a being smaller is going to alleviate a pet bug-bear of mine


On to the models, first the Empire of the Blazing Sun!


Wani forward deployment base….erm, base


Frigates and Corvettes, nothing really new here.


Wani Terror Ship – this thing is beautiful!


Base with a Wani Terror ship snug inside


Kaiju Heavy Battle Ship….a beast of a model


Assorted EotBS drop ins, SAW tokens, and the new SAW movement tray


Honshu Cruisers – again, really nice models.


Top of the Wani Forward Deployment Base


Now the Federated States of America….


Frigates and Corvettes


Boston Class Submarine – both surfaced and submerged.


The attention to detail on this thing is fantastic!


Liberty Class Heavy Battleship – after reading the stats on this bad boy I would not like to run into one….this is a beast of a model and fantastic to look at to boot.


Georgetown Class Cruisers


Assorted bag of SAW’s, movement tray and drop ins for the FSA….also in there are the Turtle class assault submarine tokens.


All in all this is a fantastic set that shows just how much Spartan are stepping up and maturing as a company. Excellent value for money and a fine investment for both people looking to get started with Dystopian Wars and those, like myself, who are already drowning under mounds of little toy boats!

I hope the above has helped some of you guys out there who were curious about the contents of this set and any comments you’d like to make would be gratefully received.


Dystopian Wars



Now I am an absolutely huge fan of this wonderful little game so a large portion of this blog will be set aside to posting about my obsession with it! For those not in the know Dystopian Wars is a steampunk wargame produced by Spartan Games set in the 1870’s….albeit a drastically different timeline to our own! Dystopian Wars is what I would class as an epic scale game with the players controlling vast fleets of naval, land and air forces…..some of which are really fantastic and truly let the Steampunk flavour of the setting come across.

Spartan Games have just released the 2nd edition of the rules which seems to have tidied up large swathes of the rules and I am extremely looking forwards to getting to grips with them. My force of choice up to this point has been the Empire Of The Blazing Sun, the Japanese inspired nation of the setting. My main reason for picking this nation, asides from my leaning towards things Japanese, was a few of the more characterful models they get to field….a giant submersible mechanical attack squid for one and it’s flying cousin!

That’s it for this post but I’ll be shortly sticking up another showing off the new Shadow Hunter Starter Set that has been released for 2nd edition.


Hello and welcome to my blog!

My intention with this blog is to share my various little obsessions mainly focusing around pretending to be someone else (RPG’s) or pushing little toy soldiers around a table (Wargames) with a few other equally geeky things thrown in for good measure! I did used to run a blog that was mostly focused around my 40k trials and tribulations (http://libraryofborkan.blogspot.co.uk/) which fell by the wayside along with my interest in that system…..hopefully this will be a more successful effort as I won’t be restricting myself to any one particular game or subject here.

There isn’t going to be any real schedule to updates on here but I am hoping to at least get something up once a week if not more. Things you’ll probably see will be focused around the following:

  • Projects – be this what new figures I am trying to get painted up, ideas for terrain/gaming tables, or just what I’m trying to get done!
  • Battle Reports – this is a bit of a ronseal one really!
  • Reviews – this may range from being a several hundred word dribble fest about something that has recently caught my attention or could just be a quick couple of paragraphs about something I find cool.
  • And added to that there may be the odd thing pop up that doesn’t fit into the above….

Hopefully I can keep a few people out there interested enough to keep reading 🙂